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You can get a better effect from NICHIGUARD cover if you combine it with another NICHIHA invention PLATINUM COATING cover which protects panels from weather conditions – UV light and weathering. Nanohydrophil cover NICHIGUARD protects panels from exhaust fumes, smoke, dust and soil sticking. In extremely polluted areas NICHIGUATD could not be

Indian Patent Office Publishes Patent & Industrial Design

Nov 08, 2013 · Indian Patent Office Publishes Patent & Industrial Design Journal Having Information on Patent Registered In India by Indian Patent Office and Patent Filing in India by Foreign Companies on 8 November 2013 1.

Published patent and design registration information

Nov 11, 2013 · Published patent and design registration information november 8th, 2013 1. ¯Öê™üë™ü úÖµÖÖÔ»ÖµÖ úÖ ¿ÖÖÃÖ úßµÖ •Ö­ÖÔ»Ö OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE PATENT OFFICE ×­Ö ÖÔ´Ö­Ö ÃÖÓ. ISSUE NO.

Beef Cattle Feeding And Nutrition 2Nd Edition Animal

Taking it got, as I work in the beef tle feeding and nutrition 2nd edition animal feeding and to the 2008 variety couldTo( signed in this country), an gain to include a block of active neuropsychiatry, to involve up for myself all the friends that I did most last about New Orleans and as Learn them display. It were viewer novel atmosphere, principle republic, referral referral, and feeling

Recovery of platinum group metals South Dakota School of

Jun 27, 2006 · This invention relates to the recovery of platinum group metals and, more particularly, to the recovery of platinum group metals from various sources by roasting the source material with one or more of sulfuric acid, a sulfate and/or a bisulfate and with one or more halogen salt.

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Platinum Eduional Group is proud to announce our FREE mobile app (with all the features of the full website) for students using Platinum Planner! EMS Testing EMSTesting is the only online computer adaptive testing program that delivers content that is constructed to help students prepare for their EMR, EMT, AEMT, & Paramedic certifiions.

Published patent and design registration information

¯Öê™üë™ü úÖµÖÖÔ»ÖµÖ úÖ ¿ÖÖÃÖ úßµÖ •Ö­ÖÔ»Ö official journal of the patent office ×­Ö ÖÔ´Ö­Ö ÃÖÓ. issue no. 45/2013 45/2013 ¿Öã Îú¾ÖÖ¸ü friday פü­ÖÖÓ ú: 08/11

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(PDF) Curable Silicone SemiInterpenetrating Polymer

A silicone is any of a large group of siloxane lected silicone systems which are vulcanized within a polymers based on a structure comprising alternate thermoplastic matrix to ''form pseudointerpenetrating silicon and oxygen atoms with various organic radicals polymer networks (also referred to as semiinterpene attached to the silicon

US6679383B2 Flotation of platinum group metal ore

US6679383B2 US10/273,428 US27342802A US6679383B2 US 6679383 B2 US6679383 B2 US 6679383B2 US 27342802 A US27342802 A US 27342802A US 6679383 B2 US6679383 B2 US 6679383B2 Authority

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Scaw Metals Group • Paarden Eiland • Gauteng • scaw SCAW METALS GROUP CHAIN PRODUCTS, VEREENIGING, 161 A RING ROAD, The Scaw Metals Group (Scaw) is an international group manufacturing a diverse range READ MORE


The invention relates to a special device for the purifiion of diesel exhaust gases, which device comprises, in the flow direction of the exhaust gas, an oxidation alyst, a diesel particle filter with alytically active coating, and, downstream of a device for introducing a reducing agent from an external reducing agent source, an SCR

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Platinum material, strengthened by disperse oxide particle

The step of heating is performed in order to further oxidize the filler metal during subsequent heat treatment and increase the quantity of oxide in the case when not all filler metals in the alloy powder was oxidized (when the degree of oxidation was less than ) during oxidative treatment in

group vii elements: Topics by

A survey of the determination of the platinum group elements.. PubMed. Kallmann, S. 19870801. The platinumgroup metals (PGMs), Ru, Rh, Pd, Os, Ir and Pt, are widely used as alysts in petroleum and chemical processes.They find wide appliions in automotive exhaustgas control converters and are of immense importance to the electronics industry.


May 25, 2017 · BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Platinum group metals, e.g., platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd) and rhodium (Rh), are wellknown precious metals playing an important role in many industrial appliions such as jewellery and ornaments, electronics, telephone circuits, dental alloys, etc. Platinum and palladium have also long been used as reforming and

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ऩेटेंट कामाारम शासकीम जनार OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE PATENT OFFICE ननर्ाभन सॊ. 35/2016 ISSUE NO. 35/2016 शक्र ु वाय FRIDAY ददनाॊक: 26/08/2016 DATE: 26/08/2016 ऩेटेंट कामाारम का एक प्रकाशन PUBLICATION OF THE PATENT OFFICE The


Particularly, in the present invention, platinum (Pt) is preferably used as the platinum group metal. [0092]The content of the platinum group metal in an alloy is

Effects of FarInfrared and Terahertz Onnetsu Therapy on

The Dr. Kazuko''s present invention: Platinum Onnetsuki 810 μ of Far Infrared energy and Terahertz (THz) vibrations (combined ceramic). There have been no untoward effects reported with Far Infrared energy on pacemaker and other implants. Far Infrared does not get absorbed into inorganic material but it rather reflects itself back.

Srpen 2017 – Sopostav – stavební s. r. o.

The invention Platinum Cakevalk SONAR + Keygen. Platinum''s main SONAR Cakeval tell. Includes leading set of tools, plugin tools and effects last, to provide flexibility and sound quality of life for those who want to trade for a variety of outcomes. Productioet accelerate your workflow, that this is entirely SONAR Platinum.

US Patent for Architectural diesel oxidation alyst for

A device is described which provides thermally durable NO2 generation in conjunction with efficient heatup performance for filter regeneration, and low temperature HC (hydrocarbon) and CO activity. Importantly, it provides both functions while minimizing PGM (platinum group metals) utilization and its associated impact on alyst cost.

Catalyst carrier and method of obtaining it, alyst

The text descriptions are given in facsimile form. 1. The carrier for the alyst is stable at high temperatures, characterized in that it includes at least one phase of aluminum oxide selected from the group consisting of alphaalumina and thetaalumina in the alpha alumina in the carrier is less than 20 wt.%, and aluminate of at least one rare earth metal, the molar ratio of aluminum and


Mar 01, 2018 · Platinumgroup elements. USGS Publiions Warehouse. Zientek, Michael L. Loferski, Patricia J. Parks, Heather L. Schulte, Ruth F. Seal, Robert R. Schulz, Klaus

John G. Malm''s research works Argonne National

Heat capacity measurements have been made on a 22.5 g sample of 242PuO2 from 12 to 350°K and on a 3.6 g sample of 244PuO2 from 4 to 25°K. The heat capacity curve has the normal sigmoid shape.

US7067090B2 Recovery of platinum group metals Google

This invention relates to the recovery of platinum group metals and, more particularly, to the recovery of platinum group metals from various sources by roasting the source material with one or more of sulfuric acid, a sulfate and/or a bisulfate and with one or more halogen salt. The roasted product is put in contact with a leaching solution to dissolve at least a portion of the platinum

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A fuel cell hode alyst is provided comprising nanostructured elements comprising microstructured support whiskers bearing nanoscopic alyst particles wherein the alyst comprises platinum and manganese and at least one other metal selected from the group consisting of Group VIb metals, Group VIIb metals and Group VIIIb metals other than platinum and manganese wherein the volume

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